Be a part of the development of new housing developments

The Paraguay Inmobiliaria team has set itself the task of actively participating in the construction of new housing estates. We at Paraguay Inmobiliaria bring people together who want to build a new home together in a housing estate. The design of a new housing estate often creates a new community. Many immigrants often come to Paraguay with this idea.

How is this housing estate designed?

Together with all parties, a land area is selected on which this housing estate will be built. Optionally, a "Barrio Cerrado" can be established (enclosed housing estate with gate). Roads can be created within the housing estate, which enable smooth access to the properties. The land area on which the barrio (barrio = housing estate) is being built is then re-measured. The measurement creates new individual plots of land for the respective parties within the barrio. Each party receives its exclusive title for the respective property. Thus, the property of the respective party is guaranteed and protected. You also have the advantage of being able to purchase plots of any size at a lower price.

We present you an example based on the following invoice.

5 parties jointly acquire a land area of ​​12 hectares with good infrastructure near the capital Asuncion in a quiet location for a price of ₲ 900,000,000 Guarani. Each party has the option to purchase 2.4 hectares for only ₲ 75,000,000. The creation of a barricade also increases the value of the property many times over. Furthermore, certain parts of the respective properties can then be sold to other people who want to participate in this community.

In addition, large plots of land with a view of the lake can be purchased much cheaper. Among other things, it would be possible to build a residential area with a view of Lake Ypacaraisee.

The nice thing about this project is that we bring people together with the same idea, intension and vision.

Furthermore, an independent community could emerge through the construction of such a housing estate, which could be self-sufficient in the future. The goals and the future of such a housing estate are solely dependent on the investors.

The big advantage of this project is that the members of the housing estate can design it individually. We at Paraguay Inmobiliaria see ourselves as the organizers of the project described.